Agricultural Products

Grain Bunker Tarps

We manufacture grain bunker tarps from a high quality 700g ICE Blue food grade PVC. We manufacture the covers specifically to suite customers’ needs. We the only company that gives the industry 3 options of tarps. We supply our tarps with the normal 8 x 8 backer weave , 10 x 5 panama weave and 12 x 12 panama weave. The 10 x 5 panama weave has a much higher tearing strength than the normal 8 x 8 backer.


Multilayer co-extrusion Black / White bag, manufactured in different thicknesses and diameters. This product contains a white exterior, thus reflecting sunlight and reducing extreme high temperatures, and a black interior layer which prevents short IR radiation from entering the bag. Both layers help to maintain a constant temperature, eliminating spikes, and thus increasing the nutritional value of the stored product.

Grain Bunker Ground Cover

Our ground sheeting we import from the biggest plastic producer in the world namely BPI. We have a standard size that works for 90% of the market but with bulk orders we can manufacture any size and micron you want. Our standard is 38m x 16m 250 micron.

Silage Covers

Manufactured to rigorous production standards the pioneering Visqueen silage sheet range can create the ideal ensiling environment. Known for high strength, puncture resistance and an excellent seal, the Visqueen range benefits from the latest 5 and 7 layer blown co-extrusion technology. These technologies enable the most effective placement of raw materials so that they reach those parts of the film where they are most needed. This ensures the UV stabilisers are on the outside to face the weather with the inner layers bearing the high strength and puncture resistance elements of these


Visqueen Clingseal – a thin, flexible, low permeability sheet that reduces top and shoulder spoilage – sits directly beneath the traditional silage sheet, where it closely ‘clings’ to the clamp surface. In doing so it prevents pockets of trapped air forming to significantly reduce aerobic spoilage. In addition to providing an additional air seal it creates the right anaerobic conditions to deliver enhanced silage quality. Visqueen Clingseal is especially beneficial when ensiling moist feeds like brewers’ grains and crimped maize – higher value crops that are more susceptible to wastage.


Contractors and farmers who chose Polybale opt for a high performance balewrap with the high strength and puncture resistance required to ensure the effecient balewrapping of both round and square bales. Polybale’s 5 layer construction also minimises oxygen ingress to optimise the crop fermentation process. When combined with Agribale mantel film, both films enable the production of more compact bales with enhanced silage quality.


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